CF110 Sofware QA and Software Testing Program (with in-class instructor)

CF110 program covers the following topics:

  • The best techniques to find errors in modern software
  • How to professionally write bug reports and use Defect Tracking Systems
  • How to design and write state of the art Test Plans and Test Cases
  • How to perform different types of tests (Smoke, Integration, Function, System, Regression)
  • How to use Test Management Software
  • How to develop Test Automation scripts for Function and Regression testing
  • How to develop Test Automation scripts for Stress and Performance testing
  • How to write SQL queries and perform database testing
  • How to work with virtual machines
  • Fundamentals of Web architecture
  • QA Standards and Capability Maturity Models
  • Introduction to UNIX
  • How to write great resume and cover letter
  • How to prepare for interview and answer interview questions for Software Testers
  • How to pass an interview like a pro

The content of the course is the same as the online course 'CF109 Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing'. 

Next group starts in October 2020. Lessons will take place each Monday and Friday from 7:00 till 10:00 pm at 8886 Hudson St., Vancouver, BC. First lesson is FREE.

Course will be also available in Toronto, ON from fall 2021

Delivery type: Classroom

Hours: 230 

Cost: $4260.00

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-800-604-0254, email:

CF110 Program Outline

CF110 Software QA and Software Testing program contains 3 courses:

  • CF102 Software Testing Methodology
  • CF103 Test Automation
  • CF104 Essential Testing Skills

 CF110 program outline is identical to CF109 program outline and can be found here:



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