CF103 Software Test Automation

Practical course that include most popular automation tools HP UFT and Selenium WebDriver


UFT is one the most popular test automation tools in the market. This course teaches fundamentals of automation with UFT and best industry practices to create sustainable automation. Students will learn modern techniques to make automated scripts robust by applying principles of modularity, re-usability and data-driven approach. 

Selenium WebDriver

Knowledge of Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver is one of the most desirable skill sets in today's demanding market. This course focuses on principles of effective usage of Selenium WebDriver with Java and TestNG.

The content of the course is the same as the Lessons 11- 21 of online course CF109 'Software QA and Software Testing'.

Delivery type: Online

Hours: 90 hours  

Cost: $1295.00

For registration contact:, tel. 604-617-0065 or USA/Canada Toll Free 1-800-604-0254

This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. As such, PTIB did not review this program.

CF103 Course Outline

Lesson #1 Test Automation Basics

Unit 1

    • Types of Test Automation Tools
    • GUI Test Automation Paradigm
    • Benefits of Test Automation
    • Limitations of Test Automation
    • Object Recognition Principles
    • Automation tools evaluation
    • Understand your first script code

Assignment 1

    • Recording first script

Lesson #2 Modifying Scripts

Unit 2

    • Synchronization
    • Validation
    • Making your script robust

Assignment 2

    • Modifying script

Lesson #3 Modularity and Reusability

Unit 3

    • Maintenance Challenge
    • Introducing Modules
    • Functions
    • Variables

Assignment 3

    • Adding modularity to your script

Lesson #4 Parameterization

Unit 4

    • Adding arguments
    • Parameterization
    • Handling Invalid Inputs

Assignment 4

    • Parameterizing your script

Lesson #5 Data - Driven Approach

Unit 5

    • Data-Driven approach
    • Loops

Assignment 5

    • Utilize Data-Driven approach in your script

Lesson #6 Selenium IDE

Unit 6

    • Recording
    • Verification
    • Synchronization
    • Using Variable
    • Using Debugger

Assignment 6

    • Creating automation scripts using Selenium IDE

Lesson #7 Working with Selenium Locators

Unit 7

    • Working with Firebug and Firepath
    • Locating elements by ID
    • Locating elements by Link text
    • Locating elements by Name
    • Locating elements by XPath
    • Locating element by CSS

Assignment 7

    • Practicing identifying locators in training application

Lesson #8 Selenium WebDriver with Java

Unit 8

    • Setting Up Environment
    • Working with Maven

Assignment 8

    • Creating automation test scenario using Selenium WebDriver

Lesson #9 Using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG

Unit 9

    • TestNG
    • Annotations
    • Using testing.xml

Assignment 9

    • Creating automation test scenario using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG

Lesson #10 Using Selenium WebDriver Design Patterns

Unit 10

    • Page Objects and Page Factories
    • Bot Style of programming

Assignment 10

    • Creating automation test scenario using different design patterns

Lesson #11 Automation of Load and Performance Tests

Unit 11

    • Performance testing
    • Load/Stress testing

Assignment 11

    • Record script
    • Configure session options
    • Run a test
    • Analyze test results

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